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Last Updated Tuesday, 15th May 2018


Data Erasure - An erase button for accounts and events will be coming soon. In the meantime, please use the contact form to request deletion

Data Processing - No processing of personal data takes place by It is simply stored and made available to the organisation running the event. cannot take responsibility for any personal data processed by events using the system.

Right of Access - All of your data is already available to you through the interface

Statements - All events must agree to the updated terms and privacy policy in order to continue using the system

Event GDPR - All events must have a "Link Click" field that points to the privacy policy and GDPR statement for the event.

Normal terms and conditions ... Use at your own risk etc etc. I take no responsibility for what people put in their bookings or how payments are handled. No liability lies with me or the Dance Event Creator if you don't get enough bookings for your event and so on...

For any event that is a partner dance based workshop, social event or competition

For every event that uses this system for taking bookings, you will provide two free full passes to your event to me. If the service has been managed by a third party, an additional pass is provided to them and they may use one of the other passes for their partner, if I am not using it. This does not include travel costs. Accommodation should be included, but the preferred option is to be hosted by a local dancer, which then shouldn't cost you (as the event organiser) anything. The passes will be used by myself, the person managing the service and/or one of our partners. We do not promise that we will attend your event, but if we decide to do so we will register via the normal registration form and let you know!

If I am attending your event, then I will fully support in the creation and running of the registration system. If I am not attending the event, then support will be on a best effort basis. If a third party is managing the event, they will behave in the same way. The idea is that you should be able to use the system independently of me so that whenever you have an event that you wish to use it for you can setup and run your own registrations and still reap the benefits of the system.

For any related event

For events such as a learning music based workshops, acrobatics, tumbling, complimentary therapies etc. the equivalent terms (to dance related events) apply as appropriate and by negotiation

For any other event

Please Contact Me. If I am interested in attending your event, then the equivalent terms may apply as appropriate and by negotiation

For all events

If you are interested in offloading the work involved in creating your registration form (and I am not attending your event), then I will setup and style your form, create custom reports and manage/maintain the form as required for a fee of £75 per event. Contact me for further details. You will need to provide me with complete information about what fields you want on your form, any text that should appear and the various prices. If you wish to use paypal, you will need to setup the Paypal configuration (in Paypal) yourself, or provide me with access to your Paypal account. Once the form is created, you will need to make some test registrations to confirm that everything is in place for going live.
I do, of course, reserve the right to choose whether or not I can do this for your event.

Events that hire or invite people who are known to be sexual predators may not use

I want the system to work as best as it possibly can, because then you are happy and I can come visit your event :).

Bottom line is that I am a nice guy and don't want or perceive any problems, but it seems in this day and age you have to be careful or someone will take advantage of you!

If you are more experienced at writing T&Cs than me and notice any glaring omissions here, do let me know ;)

I think I am supposed to reserve the right to changes these conditions at any time, so I might as well do that too!