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At the end of 2004, I quit my job and decided to take a year out, travelling to as many swing dance camps as I could afford. I have had such a good time, that the year has been extended and I am still going to as many camps and exchanges as I can afford :). I decided to become self employed, building web applications to support all of this travelling.

One thing that I have noticed since I started going to all these wonderful events, is that the registration system varies from event to event from a simple form that you print out and fill in, to a complex questionnaire. After talking to many organisers I discovered that the management of the registrants was often a headache, so I decided to build a system that would help out the organisers, making it easy for them to manage that side of the organisation, as well as making the registration and payment process easy for people who want to attend!

I have been dancing Lindy Hop since 1998 and I love it :) I also love Charleston and tap right now and I have been listening to a lot of Gypsy Jazz and Dixieland recently. I have also dabbled in many other dance forms, both swing and non-swing. I love doing taster classes in a new type of dance that I haven't tried before.

I am based just outside of London and dance as much as I can in London, we are lucky to have a great scene here right now! Why not come and visit us? There are lots of events on, including the London Lindy Exchange, which is using this system for registration :)

Travel Update - 22nd June 2009

At the end of 2007, I travelled to San Diego for the Rhythmic Arts Festival, which is now in New Orleans - an awesome event :) I then travelled up via L.A. and San Francisco and on to Seattle, where I based myself until the end of June, with visits to New Orleans, down the West Coast, Minneapolis, New York and DC, for various events. I then moved to Vancouver B.C. at the end of June and lived there until October, teaching some classes with Jocelyn Miller from Vancouver - a lovely dancer :).

In October 2008 I went to China to teach a workshop, then to Thailand to rest for a month, then on to Australia. I lived in Melbourne for three and a half months, then visited Brisbane and Byron Bay and I am currently in Perth, where I have been teaching some classes with Sophie Yesberg, another wonderful dancer!

I plan to attend Canberrang and the New Zealand Exchange (both using ;) ) before heading back to the U.K., then I will be off to New Orleans for a month for Showdown