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Frequently Asked Questions

I wish to be able to do xyz in the system, but it is not currently possible. Will you develop the system for my event? If your event requires functionality that is currently not available in the system, you can request a development. This will be put on the wishlist and developed as and when I have spare time. If there is something more urgent and you have a budget for that development, then please contact me for a quote

Can I put images in the form Yes. The images can be added in any of the rich text area fields in the form. You can also use the url( css rule in the "background" element of any css rule in the styles section

Will you also build/host my website? No - this system is purely for registrations and registration management.

Do I have to make big changes to my website so that it will work with the system? No - all you need to do is have a link to the registration form on your website.

Will the registration form look like part of my event website? Yes. The form can be configured in such a way that your customers will not realise that they are connecting to another server.

My registration form is different from other events. Can this system cope with it? Probably. The system is almost completely generic and can cope with quite complex registration systems. If you require something that isn't currently possible, the chances are that I will build it in :)

I want to see a breakdown of how many people want what type of lunch. Is this possible? Yes, assuming that you have the question on your registration form ;). You can set up reports that extract any data from your bookings. The demo account has some examples of how this can be used.

Can I send emails to everyone who has registered? Yes. You can also send emails to individual bookings.

It's all very well having these reports, but I need the data in my spreadsheet or database. Can I export the booking data? Yes. For each report, you have the option to export the data as CSV (Comma Separated Value), which should be readable by spreadsheets. In the pipeline are also export as SQL (for databases) and export with custom separators (e.g. tab separated)

How long does it take to create a new registration form? It depends on how complex the form is and how often you have done it before... I can create a basic registration form in about half an hour. It is also possible to copy registration forms, so if you are running an annual event, each year you can just copy the previous years' form and update the dates and prices!

Will you create the registration form for me? Maybe. If I plan to attend your event, then I certainly will. If I do not plan to attend your event, it will depend on how much time I have spare and how complex your requirements are.

What level of support do you offer? If I am attending your event, or you have paid me to be responsible for the event (see terms), I will support you fully. If I am not attending your event, then support will be on a best-effort basis... Of course if you find any bugs then I will get them fixed ASAP :)

How reliable is the system? The system runs on a server hosted in one of the major hosting centres in London and has proven very reliable so far. I run nightly backups of all the data in case there is a problem and I have two spare servers that the system can be moved to if necessary.

How long did it take to build this system? So far I have put about 200 hours into this system.

Are you available for other web application development projects? It's possible! At the moment I am pretty busy, but it never hurts to ask! I develop primarily in PHP and MySQL and my strengths are on the functionality of a website, rather than the design.